Workshop on Enterprise 2.0 as cost-cutting tool

Great data on adoption rates and ROIs seen in large company use of e 2.0. Not a site, but an eco-system. Some unexpected things seen -- rapid adoption, for one, and of the problems anticipated, not so many. People behaved themselves, were community-literate, and adopted the knowledge-sharing model. What a surprise. Dion Hinchcliffe puts on a great show. Well worth a review of the slides. Enterprise 2.0 is not the same as Web 2.0 -- requires infrastructure changes to even seem to work the same way. Also, one change the new tools make possible process automation deeper in the workflow. Customer Service? Check out "get satisfaction" for an example. Handling the detection and creation of cataloged product knowledge -- needs the SLATES tools. See slides f0r details

B to B Participation