Twitter Hits Max -- Snuck Up on You, Didn't It?

Twitter, my darling, my jo -- has maxed out its capacity. Clearly, the zoobs are becoming adopted for all their many uses. I think Twitter is like a shopping bag -- it can be used for anything that needs a holder for transportation - but the thing transported can't be bigger than the shopping bag -- well, duh. And I enjoy hearing that the character limit is too small. It's a perfect size for an efficient blast of update -- a small haiku, a greeting, a show of emotion, a tiny short story. Its size makes it quite perfect, like a bonsai tree. It must be created without sludge or puff or bows or any of the other politesse of prose -- it's been interesting to find that most news items contain about a Tweet's worth of actual information. We all do a lot of wading through material that's only there to establish the writer or to validate the form in order to get to the actual material of interest. Do you remember the newsletter/broadside called The Bottom Line? It was early print Twitter. I gotta find a copy just to show you -- it was riviting reading, and it took about a, well, a couple of minutes to read. I love Twitter, and mostly watch and follow (and track, when it's working) -- I went through some withdrawal when through a churn in my handhelds, I lost the ability to send tweets -- also hampered by my company's (happily) short lived ban on Twitter on company machines. Twitter actually subs for blogging for me much of the time. and Thank God for that...
(Later) Full disclosure -- Twitter returns and offers this status message:

But, Twitter, shouldn't your status updates also comply with the 300 chr limit?

Checking Out Twine

I'm trying to figure out how to link a tagger to an aggregator. I've been trying with Twine, but it's no good because the feed isn't exposing items to the reader -- I'm trying Grazr. Of course, I've also tried the standard one...I'm sure I'm being silly -- I should just use the tagger interface, but I'm not seeing what I need from the ones I've been trying...Let's try this: http://www.twine.com/twine/11b3y6x7k-1bs/internal-twine#

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