Social Media and Microblogging for Those WITHIN the Corporation

Just an alert that I'm immersed in the options relating to this topic --mostly popping up in my Twitter feed, which must be a giant yawn for people reading my tweets for coffeeshop and family news. Sorry, guys -- it's my handy dandy notetaker. Speaking of which, I'm needing to refresher ma (mon? I HATE the gendrifrication of helpless nouns...) francais to comprenner les posts du Yoolink. Argh. Clearly, les cool jaunes de Paris ne encounter jamais YooHoo, the chocolately beverage that sickens as it sweetens. or maybe it's a press plea: You'll Ink, dammit...enough of that...Quando te habra dolido accustombrarte a mi (as they say in the labs of YooHoo.) Basta!

But here's the real-eo deal-eo. What's really being asked for here is a secure WAVE. It's a convergence of business case: we have the leaders laudably wishing to share their leadership thoughts on an ongoing and ongoing and interesting basis. Leadership by electronically wandering around. (Like the poor, the one-minute manager will always be with us, no?) We have a "communications culture" business objective looming intagibly above -- these two together create a call-and-respond model for the executive microblog. Like 80% more call than respond, but still...man up, you guys -- respond! or not: it's an **ahem** job market.

But how can the leaders talk openly via the cloud? How can their followers justify time away from the smoking griddle of revenue of email inbox? Well, these are the underlying requirements. How do we collect all the yammer yammer with the dollar signs of communication channels that actually support revenue generation? It's an integration issue because we actually only have limited attention and our networks have even more limited bandwidth. So the message options need to be integrated within the desktop. Also, we have limited resources on the valuable content creation front -- so it would be best all around if we could have message options integrated with respect to role-oriented online platforms...tricky, but best.

So...Here's where the lovely ESME comes in. I see that Google Wavers have integrated ESME -- though it looks recent -- seems like maybe someone said, "Wait, there's an open source messaging standard that supports Twitter and Wave isn't set up to make use of that?" Then someone else says, "H'm, that MAY be evil, I dunno."  So there it went.  I'm asking Microsoft about their ESME intentions...but know nothing yet except that it's DISCUSSED all over the place, but more as if Sharepoint is able to submit to the integration than than Sharepoint is participating in it...closing her eyes and thinking of England, so to speak.

If Corporate Amerika weren't allergic to free stuff, I see I can use Drupal and/or Joomla to build a tidy little microblog module that we could house internally.  Why is life so complicated?

The concept is released to the users, however, so it's a matter of steering the sled at this point.  If you can help me with any of this, I am all ears (interesting picture of star-ward facing array of dish receivers...)-- no, still mostly mouth, but some ear activity is promised on this topic....


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