Web 2 announcements

Microsoft announces Mesh - a peer to peer data and media sharing network pitched to households - though Gates vision ... (Oddly IBMish) Mozilla announces mobile meets web platform a new type of fox. Everyone announces ubiquitous APIs. Yahoo announces social elements on all services - and open strategy - opening all google services to developers. A sandbox with rules. The unification of all social user profiles (Finally). Standardizing API behavior. Yahoo is great, but it's the execution of last year's vision. Depending on developers to build the world. Oh, wait, now he's announcing the social embedding. Rewiring Yahoo? That is news.


Back from holiday

I took about six months off from the whirlygig of comments and absorbtion and such, and a strongly recommend it to anyone feeling, well, whirly. I'm going to Web 2.0 Expo later this week and I anticipate that I will have some new posts as a result.

B to B Participation