Echo, Echo, Echo

Who has time to manage all these channels separately? No one. So you choose a few and then, as Emily Dickinson would have you, "close the door." Leave the others alone. I'm sure the serene among us can do that, "Oh, I choose Facebook because that's where all my friends are..."  But why must I do that? So ping and posterous and hootsuite are finding me easy prey -- integrate them all into one experience, they say.  Oh, and then each of the channels starts to offer internal integration, and so on and so on.

Well, this is a long apology for the echo echo echo that I inadvertently create among all the channels when I lose track of which channel I cross linked among all the others.  And it's a test -- I think this will only post once, but let's find out!

And here's my advice to people like me who want to find ways to make cross connections simpler -- take out your notebook or your iPhone when you cross link and WRITE IT DOWN. It's a lot easier to unravel if you have a scrap of documentation...

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