Checking Out Twine

I'm trying to figure out how to link a tagger to an aggregator. I've been trying with Twine, but it's no good because the feed isn't exposing items to the reader -- I'm trying Grazr. Of course, I've also tried the standard one...I'm sure I'm being silly -- I should just use the tagger interface, but I'm not seeing what I need from the ones I've been trying...Let's try this: http://www.twine.com/twine/11b3y6x7k-1bs/internal-twine#

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  1. up until today, only feed readers that supported authenticated/private resources (eg basic auth) could access twine content. can you try firefox/sage, as a starting point?

    also, all of twine's public content, as of today, is accessible via (atom) feed readers without authentication. as such, perhaps you can try again?


    - james


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