Where are the candles?

A reminder that today is the first day of Advent. I've searched for Advent candles for the past four days -- got the wreath, got the green stuff, but the candles? No. Three purple, one pink. I live in Berkeley: I went to the many spiritual stores, I went to Elephant Pharmacy, I went to Longs, I went to Safeway. No no no no. Chakras, toe rings, budda heads, incense, menorah's galore'ahs, but no Advent candles. Has catholicism become a cult before my eyes? Am I going to be deprogrammed by Bill Maher? I just want to start Advent properly!

I've decided to take four white candles that I have in my candle drawer and paint them with my acrylic paints.

But what really impressed me was the number of clerks who had no clue what I was talking about. And the ones who did were the sharp ones -- it's almost like a litmus test, a sort of Diogenes lamp (who?) for those who live in the entire world -- the one with all the different religions. I also enjoyed the kind lady who suggested that I buy a set of Mehorah candles and just use four of them. Now that's an interesting idea.

Leslie took me in hand and provided me with this link for next year.

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