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Online Services Roadmap Project


Web Channel Management (WCM) and the office of the Chief Administrative Officer endorse the Company’s new focus on the benefits of online services to support business activities at all levels and among all audiences.

This focus represents a significant change in the role of web services. Because the high-priority work-streams now in development depend on a more robust web capability that we now provide, WCM must move quickly to identify the immediate and long-term web services requirements.

To provide our company with a realistic roadmap and timeline for needed enhancements, WCM will engage a qualified third-party consulting company to provide the deliverables listed below.

One important qualification for the candidate companies is that they have successfully provided large companies with this enterprise planning and advice, as well as providing top-notch project management and development resources. Ideally, the company will be in the business of providing ongoing support for web-facing development projects for a limited number of large companies.

Project Purpose

The Online Services Roadmap Project has two parts:

1. Develop online services roadmap with priority project plans
2. Evaluate, scope and bid on at least two “Identified Projects”

WCM continuously evaluates business requirements for web support. This project provides us with speedy supplemental expertise. We expect that the selected vendor will be able to use our current expertise, research and analysis to develop a first iteration of a new web services roadmap.

This iteration is expected to be an eight-week project (from the date of contract.) The roadmap and plans delivered should include additional analysis and planning tasks, and should include the “Identified Projects” as elements in the overall roadmap.

The vendor responding can propose an alternate timeline for the project if necessary, along with a justification for the change.

Detailed information on Goals and Objectives, Current Online Channels, Business Processes, Current Environment, and Market Research is provided in an appendix.

Detailed information is provided on “Identified Projects” listed in Part Two in an appendix.

Customer and agent research, both raw data and analyses, will be available to the project team. WCM participants are familiar with past research projects.

Project Deliverables

Part One: Online Services Roadmap

A. Strategy Review
Validate goals and objectives (in discussion with stakeholders)
Recommend revisions and reasons
Provide recommended priority weighting for revised objectives
Deliver Online Strategy Roadmap

B. Technology Review
Document standard set of online functions to support our business model.
Provide examples of each function.
Compare our current environment’s functions.
Identify important functional gaps.
Evaluate additional web requirements imposed by in-progress work-streams.
Evaluate infrastructure’s capability to support standard online services.
Identify important infrastructure gaps.
Provide recommended priority weighting for functional and infrastructure gaps.

C. Planning
Update Strategy and Technology recommendations after our review.
Align Technology priorities with Strategic priorities.
Create multi-year Roadmap of Web Services enhancement projects.
Create simulation of web presence after roadmap is finished.
Develop project plans with resource requirements for first year.
Identify ongoing third-party role.

Part Two: List of Identified Projects


For each project listed, see appendix for information on:
Scenario description(s)
Personas or roles involved
Stakeholder groups
Process overview (current)
Current technology basis
Functional requirements (high level)
Business Benefit
Known Challenges

Identified Projects

List removed for confidentiality reasons -- sixteen items are on the list, including tool and gadget creation, online campaign framework, SEO work, etc.


For at least two Projects, provide detailed proposals, including Tasks, Timeframe and Cost (We will provide additional information as requested).

Provide a general evaluation of all Identified Projects: general evaluation, which may include comments on project focus, feasibility, business value, likely cost range, technology options and issues, dependencies, and examples now in use.

Group related projects into categories.

Rank all Identified Projects (or categories) in order, from highest likely ROI to lowest. (We will provide additional information as requested)

Resources to be provided

Internal Roles available to support analysis project:
Web Channel Management: Channel Manager, Abby Shaw
Customer Research and Strategies
IT Architecture
IT Web
ASP representatives as needed

Appendix of relevant information

Appendix Contents
Contact names provided for each item, for clarifying questions

Goals and Objectives
Company Goals:
Web Channel Management Goals:
Goals and Top Objectives
Key Milestones
Known Challenges
Success Metrics
Impact of project(s) not being done (targeted ROI)

Our Online Channels
Overview diagram
For each Web Channel (four large, many small):
Site maps for large sites
Site key stakeholders (business owners)
Site future vision (if documented)
Site personas
Technology platform
Known challenges
Work in progress (if any)

Our Business Processes
The Insurance business model
Our competitors on the web
“Life of a Policy” process diagram (for Commercial Insurance)
High Value Scenarios by persona type
(Dan Moore’s Claims process diagram)
Key interaction: Types of agency visits

Our Current Environment

Online delivery:
Digital Design Standards (Parent Company standards and local exceptions for us)
Digital Standards Committee: purpose and process
Usability Methodology
Inventory of web-facing business applications (Capabilities Inventory)


Web-related Technical Architecture: diagrams and description
Overview of DCMS
Overview of our current Websphere Portal environment
Collection of technical standards with known gaps identified (web NFR, for instance)

Identified Projects: Detail
For each project listed, information on:
Scenario description(s)
Personas or roles involved
Stakeholder groups
Process overview (current)
Current technology basis
Functional requirements (high level)
Business Benefit
Known Challenges

Audience Research (Summaries, transcripts, DVDs)

B to B Participation